Zoning & Planning

Please feel free to email any questions to:

Christina Kilburn, Planning and Zoning Clerk

The New York State Uniform Building Codes

For information on the New York State Uniform Building Codes please go to:



The Zoning Regulations


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Zoning Board of Appeals


 Mark Boyce, Chairperson 
Jeremy DeLisle, Vice Chairperson 
Bruce Bemis, Member
Carl Harrison, Member
Gary Applegate, Member
Aimee Gates, Member
Paul Becker, Alternate
Todd Heym, Alternate


Planning Board 


Wayne Durr, Chairperson 
James Heber, Vice Chairperson 
Brit Basinger, Member
Jeffrey King, Member
Susan Martindale, Member
Lisa Black, Member
Melanie Eggleston, Member
Chad Reinemann, Alternate
Holly Rippon-Butler, Alternate



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