Transfer Station

The Northumberland Transfer Station is located on Peters Road and is open for all town residents. Household garbage must be bagged. 

Hours of Operation:
Saturdays and Sundays 8:00am - 3:00pm
* Except Holidays *

**PLEASE NOTE: the lowest price is $2.00 per bag, UP TO 30 gallons. If you have small bags you will be charged $2.00 per bag. As an option you may combine smaller bags in a 30 gallon bag and pay only the $2.00 fee for the 30 gallon bag. ALSO every bag MUST have a sticker on it, you can purchase them at the town hall or continue to purchase them at the transfer station. Please review the instructions on the stickers for the best way to close the bags so they remain on them. 

All Cardboard has to be flattened. If it is not flattened, it must go into the regular roll offs and there is a fee. All vehicles MUST drive through the building located on site, even if you are not discarding recyclable items. Many accidents have almost occurred with individuals that have decided to drive around the building rather than wait their turn. Please make sure you make every effort to pay your fair share, do not under estimate your load. With the rising cost of fuel, and the increase cost to get rid of garbage, the town may need to consider raising the cost of disposing of household garbage in the future. Several rumors of higher prices and other changes are circulating and are not true at this time, there have been no changes, the fees listed will remain the same for the time being, also mattresses, sofas, chairs and etc are accepted at the listed fees. In the future changes may occur as the need arises, however they will be published well in advance

Up to a 30 gallon bag - $2.00
31 gallon bag or bigger - $2.50
Single Mattress/Chair/Rug - $3.50
Double Mattress/Sofa - $7.00

Up to a 30 gallon bag - $2.00
31 gallon bag or bigger - $4.00
Single Mattress/Chair/Rug - $10.00
Double Mattress/Sofa - $12.00


These prices haven't increased since 2006.

Just a reminder that everyone MUST go through the Transfer Station.

ALL trash must be bagged.

Clean Glass, plastic, cardboard and scrap metal is accepted free of charge.

2021 Transfer Station Fees (pdf)

Transfer Station Information (pdf)

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