Town Parks 

Town Parks

The Town of Northumberland has three parks available for residents looking for recreational opportunities and reflection.

Ganesvoort Town Park

This lovely park is situated in the hamlet of Gansevoort, situated between Leonard Street, Catherine Street and faces the Gansevoort Mansion. This property was deeded to the Town of Northumberland by the family of General Peter Gansevoort, who desired it’s use as a public park.

The park, at the corner of Leonard Street, has a large stone marker procured by the town that signifies “Northumberland”. Every year annual flowers are added to the perennials. It has a flag pole and at its base located a time capsule which was buried in 1999. A Liberty Tree and marker, located along Catherine Street, were placed in 1975 commemorating our town’s participation in our Country’s Bicentennial Celebration in 1976. For many years, this park has served our town activities and in 1998 hosted Northumberland’s 200th Birthday Celebration. On Veteran’s Day 2005, a veteran’s monument was dedicated and park benches installed.

Bertha E. Smith Park

The Bertha E. Smith Park was deeded to the town in 1976 for Perpetual Use as Recreation of Youth in the Town of Northumberland. A town marker was placed on the site in 2000. The Youth and Recreation Department uses the park for summer recreational programming and other youth groups use it throughout the year. The park has a baseball diamond, basketball court, playground area and a pavilion.

Terrel Hills Park

Terrel Hills Park is a 3.6 acre park located within the Terrel Hills Subdivision. Created in the mid 1990’s, this park has basketball courts, a soccer field and a new playground. A tee ball sized baseball field is planned in the future. This field is used regularly by the Old Saratoga Athletic Association sports programs.

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