You may contact Highway Superintendent Harold Vance, Jr. by calling our highway garage at (518) 793-6901.

We have included a map of Northumberland below.  Our  Highway Department maintains 60.38 miles of road year round.  The roads are those marked in thin, black lines on the map.  The Saratoga County Highway Department maintains those designated in red and the New York State Department of Transportation maintains Routes 4, 32 and 50 found in our township.


Map of Northumberland New York


 2012 Paving and Road Repair Season

Rimbrave Drive, Little Oaks Terrace, Jewell Road and Brownville Road  are on the schedule for major repairs and / or paving this year.  Culverts may also be repaired or replaced to improve drainage where possible.  The entire process for EACH road may take two to four weeks. 

For the safety of everyone please use a safe speed of travel in work zones, observe the posted signs and hazards please obey our flag men for the safest commute.

You may experience traffic delays during our working hours.  You may wish to schedule your time accordingly or choose an alternate route.  

We Apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We hope the finished product will justify your inconvenience. 

***Road Closures will be posted when appropriate.



Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Northumberland as follows:

The present Section IV in said ordinance shall become Section V. The new Section IV

Shall read as follows:

The location of basketball hoops or structures or other obstructions Is hereby prohibited on all highways, roads, public streets and shoulders and right-of-way within the Town of Northumberland.

Consistent with Highway Law Section 319 and 157 the Town Superintendent of Highways is hereby authorized to cause any basketball hoop or structure or similar obstruction found on any highway, road, public street, shoulder or right-of-way in the Town of Northumberland to be removed. In addition to the fine specified  In Section II, the Superintendent of Highways is also authorized to charge the owner of such basketball hoop or structure or obstruction for the actual, reasonable cost and expenses of removing and storing such basketball hoop or structure or obstruction.


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