Town Assessor

Any resident having questions or concerns regarding their property assessment should contact:

Walter D. Smead, IAO
Town Assessor
(518)792-9179 Ext. 11

His office hours are:

Tuesday Evenings:     6pm - 8pm
Saturday Mornings:   9am - 12pm



Assessment Information:

Assessments and Taxes *

2020 Assessment Roll *

Reassessment Q & A's *

Current Year Tentative Assessment Roll *

School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption* Page 1 &
Page 2* (you will need both pages)

Senior Citizens (STAR) and Enhanced School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption* (three pages, you will need all three)
Page 1*           Page 2*          Page 3*

Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes Page 1* & Page 2* (you will need both pages)

Alternative Veterans Exemtion Application*

Agricultural Assessment Application
(please note this application has 8 pages and you will need them all.)
Page 1Page 2* Page 3* Page 4* Page 5* Page 6* Page 7* Page 8*


* * You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view items marked with a star.




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